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The World of Romania

The World of Romania Works that made this planet a better place – Part I –

The Market for Ideas and the students from the class of 2018 of the “International Economic Diplomacy” Master’s Program, from the Faculty of International Business and Economics, of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania, prepared, in a special dossier, an anthology of what may be noted as cultural-diplomatic, civilization-contextualized answers to a question: “How did Romanian critical thinkers and gifted creators contribute to the thrive of humankind?”

They strove to avoid being overly-parochial or nationalistic. The collection is neither exhaustive nor hierarchical, while the selection has no algorithm whatsoever behind it and no other rationale for the choices than every author-student’s own desire to share ideas on the works of a fellow countryman of repute. It is a “pop” exercise of “science / art journalism”, aimed at outliving Romania’s 2018 Centennial celebration, by “trading abroad” pieces of time-proof contemplation. 

You can read online Part I of the printed edition dossier here.


Table of contents 

- Arts and Humanities / Literature

Mihai Eminescu: The Ultimate Romanian Romanticist (by Patricia-Elena Petricu) 

- Arts and Humanities / Law

Sarmiza Bilcescu: The First Lady… Lawyer (by Victor Trifan) 

- Arts and Humanities / Sculpture

Constantin Brâncuși: The Endless Sculptural Columnist (by Alina Rădoi) 

- Arts and Humanities / Philosophy

Mircea Eliade: The Mapper of the Sacred Time (by Andrian Buga) 

- Science and Technology / Medicine

Victor Babeș: Treaty on and Treatment against Bad Bacteria (by Adrian Busu) 

- Science and Technology / Medicine

Ioan Cantacuzino: How to Defeat Micro-Beasts (by Antonia Tănăsescu) 

- Science and Technology / Medicine

Ana Aslan: The Earthly Grail of… Youthfulness (by Bianca-Andreea Aldea) 

- Science and Technology / Engineering

Petrache Poenaru: The Fountain Pen of Written Wishes (by Mihail-Alexandru Braică) 

- Science and Technology / Engineering

Anghel Saligny: Bridging Epochs (by Tudor-Cristian Șulea) 

- Science and Technology / Engineering

Aurel Perșu: Automotive and Auto-motivation (by Andreea Mădălina Bulgărea) 

Focus: The Winged and Their Skies 

- Traian Vuia: The Kid with Paper Flying Kites (by Adelina Georgiana Zoicăreanu)

- Aurel Vlaicu: The Icarus of the Carpathian Mountains (by Daniela Alina Savu)

- Henri Coandă: The Man Who Conquered the Miracle of Wind (by Aurora Gabriela Torcea)

- Anastase Dragomir: The Savior of Pilots (by Alexandru Vlad)

- Smaranda Brăescu: The Girl with Her Head in the Clouds (by Raluca Șancariuc)



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